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    Sunny U
    Lundi 23 Novembre 2015 à 19:11

    What beautiful Christmas Flash, Cila, with harmonizing music theme.

    I am new on your website.  I subscribed to GIFENVIE for few months, with great admiration for this woman from France, who had many artistic talents and much creativity. We had same interests, as she also enjoyed surfing in China.  Unfortunately, she died early May.

    I am interested in Hungary and discover it, through your website, beautiful and classy with style.

    I wish you good day.


      • Lundi 23 Novembre 2015 à 21:57

        I say thank you for the visit and the kind comment nicely.

      • Mardi 1er Décembre 2015 à 10:38

        Thank you very much.

    Sunny U
    Dimanche 29 Novembre 2015 à 23:10

    Beautiful Flash animation !  yes  I love flash.

    I surf in China and find most beautiful Flash in this country.  "They have the touch", as we say.


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